The Company recognizes its responsibility to provide each of its customers with a service which conforms to the requirements and standards mutually agreed between "STAVROS KOURIDAKIS LTD SHIPPING AGENCY" and its customers. The service provided will comply with all appropriate International and National Regulations and takes into account all appropriate recommendations made by internationally recognized bodies including Industry groups. This Quality Manual and the Associated Procedures define, establish and document systems and methods to implement and maintain objective evidence that the activities of " STAVROS KOURIDAKIS LTD SHIPPING AGENCY " ensure that services rendered are of the highest standard to a set quality. The Quality control procedures are mandatory to all personnel employed by the Company The Company ensures that the Quality Policy is properly communicated throughout the Company and that all personnel are aware that the documentation has been developed to meet the requirements of ISO 9002 (1994) and that the quality system applies to their work. The Company recognizes its responsibility to deliver to its customers a service which conforms to that which has been mutually agreed. All services are monitored and assessed to ensure that they conform to specification.

The certification of approval for ISO 9002 can bee seen enlarged if you click the next picture

The manager with overall responsibility for Quality is the Quality Coordinator. Specific responsibilities for quality activities are detailed below.

Statement of Quality Policy: General Manager

Maintenance Development and Audit of Quality Documentation: Quality Coordinator

Maintenance and Issue of Quality Documentation:Quality Coordinator

Development and Assessment of Training: General Manager

Corrective Action: General Manager

Monitoring of Quality Standards: Quality Coordinator

Personnel Records: General Manager

Purchasing of Materials and Supplies: General Manager

Assessment of Sub-Contractors: General Manager Agency Assistants

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