We would like to take the liberty to introduce our company to you, hoping that we may attract your interest to the services we offer.Our company " STAVROS KOURIDAKIS AND SON SHIPPING AGENCY " was established and operating in Piraeus, Greece since 1960, has developed into a most prestigious and reliable firm of ship-agents, offering a multitude of services to a greate number of shipping companies . It's aim is to provide a high quality AGENCY service to Ship Owners, and other organizations related to ship operations in a timely and efficient manner. The Company aims to supply a service which conforms to standards that meet the requirements and satisfaction of it's customers. The company carries out its operations in the ports of Greece.The Company carries out about 500 agency services to International ships of all types. The Company expects the levels to increase in the coming years.

The Company operates from its Head Offices in Piraeus, Greece and its branch office in Elefsis, the branch office is manned on an as needs basis by head office personnel. The Company employs five persons. The Company operates under a documented Quality system of which the major functional requirements are covered in detail by procedures and instruction . The Company's documents are in English, and Greek.

The Company does not design equipment or operate equipment that requires to be regularly inspected or calibrated.

The Company does not purchase goods except office materials, it does however on behalf of Ship Owners act as intermediary by passing on to suppliers, ship Owner and master's requirements.


KOURIDAKIS shipping agency LTD is a member of the International Marine Union in Greece, (I.M.U.G.).

15 Aristidou str. 18531 - Pireaus, Greece
Tel: 210 4177942
Fax: 210 4112469
Miaouli 2 & Kanellopoulou - Elefsis, Greece
Tel: 210 5541384

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